Nowadays, «the look» is essential for everyone who wants to express a positive image of themselves. «Relooking» is an efficient technique to enhance a client’s image and help the client to achieve a perfect harmony between image and identity. It is through the application of specific techniques, and with the experienced eye of your coach, that your new image will be born.

The consultation includes:

  • Colormetrics: explore colour choices by taking into account complexion, colour of hair and client preferences.
  • Study of morphology, the proportions of the body. You will learn how to choose the fabrics and forms that best reveal your assets, and you will profit from tips and devices to create illusion.
  • Analysis of face shape, makeup and hairstyle. This will inform us about the best haircut to adopt, the choice of glasses or other accessories and will direct us towards the ideal make-up.
  • Together with an evaluation of your wardrobe you get advice about style and clothes suitable to your morphology.
  • Shopping accompaniment to supplement those things missing in your wardrobe in order to make it more coherent with clothes and accessories that are easy to wear and to match.