Image Consulting

Image Consulting, as I see it, is to focus on the existing image but with greater attention to what is deep inside in order to achieve a harmony between the client’s being and appearance. There is no point in trying to copy or imitate a third person. It is one’s own identity that is interesting to explore, to define and develop, so that the client becomes capable of ‘managing’ his or her own appearance.

The goal of my services is to help my clients feel free and good about themselves and gain or regain self-confidence, which inevitably helps them make a positive impact in their social and/or professional lives. It is about providing that extra little ‘nudge’ at a point in life where one might be experiencing a need to better cope with life’s stresses. Appearance is what is immediately perceived by those around him or her and my clients love to learn to project their potential in the most direct way possible.

My custom “re-looking” services provide each client with an integrated, stylish appearance that reflects both their unique personalities and lifestyles.