“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

In today’s fast-paced society people are, unfortunately, often categorized by first impressions — appearance. The level of their social group and what they might offer or contribute are assumed within the first 10 seconds of meeting. Quick classifications are often erroneous, but a reality of life.

It is therefore increasingly important to develop your own unique style based on your personality, goals and preferences in order to increase your personal potential and transform your aspirations into reality.

For some people finding their style or their look is innate; for others it becomes a difficult task, either due to lack of interest, time or knowledge.  For these people an Image Consultant and a “Relooking” can be of extraordinary assistance in making certain they project themselves in the best possible light in today’s society.

In this culture of wanting the best and wanting it now, I have created my services to offer each client a personal guide to style in an enjoyable and time-efficient manner.