All the modules can be personalized based on the initial free consultation and your specific needs. The tarifs given below are starting rates and do not include any transportation costs. Contact Cécile to make an appointment.

1st Rendez-vous : Initial consultation (approximately ½ hour)
Together we determine your goals and what module would best suit your needs.
Module 1 : Personalized style and color guidance 180 € +
Module 2 : In-depth exploration of your style, colormetrics, face-shape, body type. Makeup and hairstyle guidance, tips and tricks. 340€ +
Module 3 : Module 1 & 2 + wardrobe evaluation 540€ +
Module 4 : Total relooking, including all 3 modules plus shopping and accompany you to the hair salon.

This type of relooking is spread over several days. A follow-up review is given after a few months.

720€ +
(salon price not included)
Module Personal Shopping Tour (half day / full day) 300€ / 500€ +
Module Adolescent 120€  +

“+” means this is a starting price, final price will be provided with confirmation the specific details of your request.